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Insulation sawing system

DSS 300 cc | ST 1700 Vario | S 200

Precise, clean and versatile: The new MAFELL insulation sawing system.

The MAFELL DSS 300 cc is a unique wire saw for cutting pressure-resistant and flexible wood fiber insulating materials. Precision cutting for a perfect fit improves building insulation, eliminates thermal bridges and thus prevents structural damage. The DSS 300 cc is instrumental in ensuring that insulation work is performed with the utmost efficiency.

The right solution for every situation: The DSS 300 cc.

Perfect interaction of all system components and innovative details, including the cutting wire, carbon guide fin and chip sweepers, achieve a high-precision cut.

The insulation saw DSS 300 cc.

The DSS 300 cc is a specialty tool for cutting wood fiber insulating materials. Its extremely light and highly rigid carbon guide fin achieves unprecedented precision. This integrated system, which also includes the high-capacity extractor S 200 and workbench ST 1700 Vario, is simply unbeatable.

The workbench ST 1700 Vario and high-capacity extractor S 200.

Given the appropriate accessories, insulating materials can be cut precisely in an almost infinite number of ways. The compact and highly flexible workbench allows you to work with extreme accuracy, even when making very long cuts. A more pleasant working atmosphere and ease of handling are ensured by the powerful high-capacity extractor.

Technical data


Insulation saw DSS 300cc

Cutting depth

306 mm

Cutting depth at 45°

206,5 mm

Cutting depth at 60°

142 mm

Tilting range


Tilting range to rear


Nominal speed – no load

4.700 1/min

Nominal power input

1.800 W


8,25 kg

Universal motor

230 V/50 Hz

Cutting width

6 mm

Extraction connector dia.

Ø 35 mm


Workbench ST 1700 Vario

Dimensions (length x width)

1.724 x 753 mm

Working height

691 mm


37 kg

Delivery scope

Insulation saw DSS 300 cc

2x Cutting wire, 6 mm wide
1x Double-sided toothed belt
1x Auxiliary rest/glider
1x Mains cable 4 m
2x Cable cover K-Fix
1x Carrying case
Ref. No. 919601

Workbench ST 1700 Vario

10x Aluminum leg
2x Support large
6x Support small
4x Stop
Ref. No. 91A601


The new DSS 300 cc gives you all you need to machine a variety of insulating materials. Specially coordinated accessories enable you to observe high-precision, quick and clean working practices.

Cutting wire DSS-SR

1x Cutting wire DSS-SR
1x Pulley guard
2x Sweeper
Ref. No. 206370

Double-sided toothed belt

Ref. No. 206371

Parallel guide fence

Ref. No. 205323

Double-sided toothed belt

Ref. No. 205166

Machine holder

Ref. No. 207164

Track clamp F-FIX

Ref. No. 206760

Cable cover K-FIX

Ref. No. 206369

Container 200 l

1x incl. extractor mounting, hose guard and 2x chip bag S 200
Ref. No. 206869

Chip bag S 200

Ref. No. 093791

Guide rail F

F 80 - Length 0,80 m
Ref. No. 204380
F 110 - Length 1,10 m
Ref. No. 204381
F 160 - Length 1,60 m
Ref. No. 204365
F 210 - Length 2,10 m
Ref. No. 204382
F 310 - Length 3,10 m
Ref. No. 204383

Connecting piece F-VS

For joining two guide tracks
Ref. No. 204363

Angle fence F-WA

Ref. No. 205357

End cap F-EK

Ref. No. 205400

Non-slip profile F-HP 6,8M

1x - 6,8 m long
Ref. No. 204376

Screw clamp F-SZ 100MM

2 clamps, for fixing track to work
Ref. No. 205399

Guide rail bags

Guide Bag F 160
for guide rails up to 1.6 m length
Ref. No. 204626
Guide rail set with bag:
2 x F 160 + F-VS + 2 x F-SZ 100MM
+ rail bag
Ref. No. 204805
Guide rail set with bag:
F 80 + F 160 + F-WA + F-VS
+ 2 x F-SZ 100MM
+ rail bag
Ref. No. 204749

Splinter guard F-SS 3,4M

1 x - 3.4 m long
Ref. No. 204375

Guide unit ST-FE 200

incl. guide track, mounting bracket and auxiliary rest
Ref. No. 207277

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